The Strand

2513 Clarke Street, Port Moody, BC

A unique, affordable home ownership opportunity with 1, 1-plus-den, and 2-bedroom homes in central Port Moody. Developed in partnership with Port Moody Legion Branch 119, BC Housing, CMHC and the City of Port Moody, The Strand offered qualified, eligible purchasers the opportunity to purchase at a price 8% below appraised market value, by way of an equity grant, which in turn was recognized as a down payment for financing purposes. The equity grant was made possible through favourable financing and low exposure/return on investment compared to typical market developments.


Port Moody, BC

Product Type

Affordable Ownership, Legion and Commercial


BC Housing (Community Partnership Initiative)
CMHC (Affordable Housing Flexibilities)


Completed 2018

The Team

Port Moody Legion Branch 119
BC Housing
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
City of Port Moody
Atcorr Development Consulting

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