Maples Residences

11900 No. 1 Road, Richmond BC

Maples is a 144-suite independent living seniors facility and new clubhouse for the Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans (Unit 284). Financed by BC Housing the project includes two commercial kitchens, along with dining, spa, library, theater and sauna amenities. Its five inter-connected buildings cover the entire site with two large integrated recreational courtyard spaces. The residential component includes complex structural, mechanical and electrical systems along with extensive special purpose amenity and commercial areas. It also involved significant negotiations with the local Japanese community for the relocation of their heritage building, with a heritage symbol commemorated in its honour.


Richmond, BC

Product Type

Independent Living for Seniors, ANAF (Unit 284) Clubhouse


BC Housing (Community Partnership Initiative)


Completed 2012

The Team

Canadian Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans (Unit 284)
BC Housing
Atcorr Development Consulting

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